Web design in Egypt

Foundations and information on web design in Egypt

Planning the creation of a website similar to your planning to build your home or exhibition of the presentation of your products provided to customers and certainly the step of planning and drawing on the paper is the important step before starting the design or design request from another designer and be first

By specifying the goal of the site and then distributing the content to two parts, namely the public content and private content section. The general content is the pages that the visitor returns to in case of need such as pages (About Us – Contact Us – Terms of Use – Questions

Etc. The private content pages are of interest to the visitor and the owner of the site is keen to reach the visitors first and achieve the overall goal of the site whether the site to sell products or a personal site or service site

After distributing the content in two parts, the content classified in a way that makes it easy for the visitor to access the information or service as quickly and easily as possible

 Including the location of the portal whether it is on the top lists or side lists or directly on the main page in the important

The topic is to have this special content in a clear place, especially in the hot spots, which is directly perceived by the visitor and certainly its application is due to the understanding of the designer and his proficiency in highlighting the important way and expertise in the application of the basics

The concept of usability also related to the choice of size and size of the fonts in balance with importance as well as the way to put images and facilitate the path of the visitor while moving between the pages there are many software tools that help you to find websites that are clear and effective. If you are designing a website for the first time, it is useful:

Gain an understanding of what sites are effective

Formulate your concept and goal within the process of site design procedures

Listen and you create your own site

There are three ways to make websites:


 System of abstract text that enables you to create an electronic page this system can view as the programming language of the Internet

HTML Editor: It provides the means and shortcuts for the drafting and editing of Html pages for the Internet

Expression Web / Dreamweaver (WYSIWYG) enables you to create web pages without the need of a Html program

The program has direct operation on the central computer (i.e. no need to transfer completed files)

If a website owner wants to design an excellent design that serves visitors to the site and contributes to the continuity of visitors for a longer period, it is always advisable to give everyone the right.

 What is a good design for news sites as an example is not necessarily suitable for websites 2, be annoying and bewitching at other sites, and when designing for each site type, be careful to use appropriate techniques to serve that site, no longer uses that flash indicator that makes flowers fall from the mouse! While direct updating technologies such as AJAX and others a compelling requirement for sites with frequent visitors and renewed content

When referring to the basics

 We find that the designs of websites found a basis to work on beautifying the front of the sites in a way that serves and relax the users of those sites, know who the target segment of your site

 In addition, ensure that the design provided to them and is suitable for the type of service provided and the quality of visitors and avoid unnecessary techniques and exaggerated effects, it initially fascinates visitors and then feel uncomfortable

Moreover, always remember that beautiful design means the most important is to deliver the content of the site to visitors to the site easier and maintain their visits to him longer

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