Design of an electronic store

Features of an electronic store design

Design of an electronic store

Do you have a store or store in fact and you want to increase sales and marketing to a new segment of customers through the Internet, are you an importer and you want to offer your products on the largest segment possible without the need for rental shops,

Create an online store that allows you to view your products, which can be categorized, different categories can be displayed in the same store, offers and discounts on products. The products of the store can be linked to the actual products available in your store,

And allows shoppers to pay more than a different payment method for the article of electronic payment in all forms and payment upon receipt of the product., The store provides many shipping methods by connecting with different shipping companies to facilitate the process of sales on you and the buyer to increase the proportion of sales and profit, you can add any special features or characteristics From your store through us just connect with us and ask your store now

Some of our shop design is electronic

Ben Menqash perfume shop


Future Shop. E-shop for cosmetics, women




Al – Haasab Oasis for Food and Natural Herbs


Online furniture shop .. to sell furniture online


Science Industry Store .. Science Industry Trading Est


Online shop, exhibitions now


Shop for sale of food and household products in Sudan


Mood shop for selling electronic shisha


Snapshot shop to sell videos


Zakher shop for the sale of antiques, decoration and furniture


Shop Murna .. to sell shoes and women’s products through the Internet


RAKAT Shop Online store selling sports products, nutrition and muscle building


Beauty Shop (Beauty)


Shop beto


Heten shop for mobile phones


Shop very beauty electronic


We have hundreds of other electronic stores

General specifications are available in the store design

Open source store (easy to modify later)
A great way to enlarge the product image by simply pointing your mouse at the product image
Evaluate the products in the store through the shopper or the customer and you can control the appearance of the evaluation or concealment
Multiple templates at the store accept multiple design (men and women at the same time)
The system is a wish list, that is, a client can set up a list for their wishes
Gift voucher system depends on the number of times purchased or purchasing value, creating automatic vouchers
Product Returns System
Product comparison system
A friend of search engines appears in Google very quickly and shows your products when someone searches for a curse in Google search
Automatic currency update or manual update (store can identify country, specify currency)
The possibility of adding an infinite number of sections
The possibility of adding an infinite number of products
You can add the currencies you wish to add
Display the product list in a network or menu fashion
Built – in 20 way payment can be activated or turned off
Built in 8 ways for charging and can be activated or turned off
Automatic change of image sizes after uploading to the site
One page to finish the application for customer convenience and ease of ordering
Allow registration on site with management approval or without consent
Control the appearance of extensions on all pages or on specific pages
Reward Points System – The customer can purchase through points collected
Customer Credit System – You can add credit to the account you can buy from
The possibility of working the sitemap automatically after adding any section or product or price … etc
Allow visitors to view the price without registering on the site or viewing the price after registration
The possibility of working more than one shop at the same time in the same range and control them through a single control panel
Penetrate system – Sliding Shaw or stationary flanges as desired anywhere and on any page – The banners can be connected with or without a link as needed.

There are thousands of features that can be added when you want to design an online store


  • Shop design is compatible with all setups and mobiles
  • Design and logo in your shop
  • Modern designs and modern possibilities
  • Arabic and English control panel for the store management
  • Possibility to create more than one shop within the store
  • Multiple methods of electronic payment and bank transfer and others
  • Link your store with search engines strongly
  • Strong protection for the store and all its content

Electronic shopping program

  • Programming PHP programming shop
  • Possibility to provide all the features you need
  • Special design with distinctive logo design
  • Permanent technical support for programming
  • Design is compatible with all devices and mobiles
  • Control panel with many features that are easy to use
  • Ease of editing on later programming
  • Use the best programming languages
  • Strong protection for programming and site contents

The price starts from 8000 SR

Second Package – Create an Open Cart Shop


  • Design of a special shop using the Open-Cart Script
  • Execution of any amendments to the icon
  • Design compatible with browsers
  • Add several different payment methods
  • Make a special logo
  • Control panel in Arabic and English
  • Website in both languages
  • All the features of the script are available – know them here

4000 SR

First Package – Open Cart Shop

  • Design of a special shop using the Open-Cart Script
  • Design compatible with browsers
  • Add several different payment methods
  • Make a special logo
  • Control panel in Arabic and English
  • Website in both languages
  • All the features of the script are available – know them here

3000 SR

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