Online Store Development

Online Store Development

We specialize in providing professional online store development services to help businesses thrive. Our team of experts will work closely with you to create a custom e-commerce platform tailored to your specific needs and goals.

From design to development and maintenance, we’ll take care of everything, leaving you free to focus on growing your business. Our online store development services use the latest search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to help your store rank well for your target keywords, and drive more traffic and sales to your site.

Contact us now to learn more about our services and get started on building your dream online store.

Online Store Development

Online Store Development

Best Online Store Development Services

What sets Elryad Company apart in providing online store design services from other online store design companies is our ability to create e-commerce websites capable of achieving real sales, not just a place to display product images.
The design of online stores determines whether the store will succeed in achieving actual sales or not.

And we provide online store design service that gives you an advantage over competitors in the market.

Simply, we provide you with the most important factors for success of the online store:

  1. Creating an online store that is compatible with Saudi and global search engines to attract visitors and customers to view your products.
  2. Providing the perfect environment for online shopping to encourage visitors to make a purchase decision immediately and pay the cost to your bank account by Visa or Mastercard or Mada.

online store development Pricing

The cost of professional online store development starts at SAR 4999, equivalent to $1333. The prices increase depending on additional features for the online store such as electronic payment, shipping and delivery methods.

Basic Package

  • Designing a store using OpenCart script
  • Design that is compatible with browsers
  • Adding multiple different payment methods
  • Creating a unique logo
  • Control panel in Arabic and English
  • Dual language website
  • Available with all features of the script

Price: 4999 Riyal

Professional Package

  • Designing a store using OpenCart script
  • Implementing modifications to the OpenCart script
  • Design that is compatible with browsers
  • Adding multiple different payment methods
  • Creating a unique logo
  • Control panel in Arabic and English
  • Dual language website
  • Available with all features of the script

Price: 7999 Riyal

Gold Package

  • Special programming in PHP language
  • Ability to provide all the features you need
  • Special design with a distinctive logo design
  • Continuous technical support for programming
  • Design that is compatible with all devices and mobile phones
  • Control panel with many easy-to-use features
  • Ease of editing programming later
  • Using the best programming languages
  • Strong protection for programming and site content

Price starts from 9999 Riyal

E-Commerce Stores from Our Work

Our latest innovations in designing and creating e-commerce stores

Importance of designing an e-commerce store in Saudi Arabia

Considering the importance of Ecommerce in Saudi Arabia, and the growth rate of e-commerce sales, it becomes clear to us that:

  • Designing an e-commerce store is no longer an optional choice if you own a physical store or a business establishment.
  • Creating an e-commerce store directly helps in reducing operating costs and saving on additional rent and labor expenses.
  • Having an e-commerce store leads to an increase in the actual operating hours of the store to 24 hours a day without interruption.
  • An e-commerce store allows you to target a larger number of customers as you can sell through it anywhere in the world without geographical limitations.
  • E-commerce stores are characterized by the ability to display an unlimited number of products, organized into main and sub-categories for easy access by customers.
  • The diversity of e-commerce store designs and the ability to browse online shopping sites on the web and also install smart phone applications on mobile.
  • Ease and speed of communication with customers through direct chat on the website or opening a chat window and WhatsApp with one click.
  • The e-commerce store project is one of the most successful projects that has achieved real breakthroughs in the lives of business owners.

Mechanism of operation of electronic stores

الية عمل المتجر الالكتروني

Adding products to the online store

For each online store design, a supervisor is able to add the products that he wants to sell through the pages of the online store through the control panel.

Sending purchase request

After visitors enter the pages of the online store to view the displayed products, the customer adds the product he wants to buy to the shopping cart or the shopping basket.

Or add products to the favorites list if he wants to postpone the purchase process.

And after the customer is finished choosing all the products he wants to buy, he moves to one of the most important pages of the online store design, which is completing the purchase process.

On this page, the customer can enter his data and the address data he wants to ship the products to.

Then he chooses the appropriate payment method for him, whether it is cash on delivery or electronic payment.

And in the case of electronic payment, the customer completes the payment process through the same page.

Monitoring the order through the control panel

Purchase orders appear in the website control panel after the customer has finished entering the order data, and the online store supervisor reviews the orders.

And after ensuring the safety of all data and the availability of the required products, the supervisor proceeds to prepare the order for shipping and sends the order to the shipping company.

Whether it is through direct communication with the shipping company or automatic transfer in case of linking the electronic store design with the shipping company through an API.

Where the shipping representative, according to this request, will go to the warehouse to receive the products and deliver them to the customer’s address.

And now we find ourselves facing a completed request, which is included in sales, and the statistics of these sales appear in the control panel.

Statistics of electronic stores

Any electronic store design now relieves the owner of the store from the hassle of performing accounting operations to determine the sales rate and calculate profits.

Where the possibility of displaying overall and other detailed reports for all orders, bills, customers, sales, profits and returns is available.

And also special reports on the rate of product orders to identify market needs and understand customer buying behavior.

The reports provided by Al-Riyadh company in the design of the electronic store are unique and help the electronic store manager increase his sales and profits by focusing on products with high demand.

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