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The design of the forest, is a commercial script contains many sections such as the Department of cars, real estate, equipment, animal and animal and the general section can also increase these sections,

It is a site design such as the design of the site known as Haraj and you can also modify it as desired,


تصميم موقع حراج

We have specialists in the design and programming of car parks or comprehensive Haraj for all products, specialists in this particular site (design site Haraj),

Start with us and you are fully assured that you will get the form, programming and content to reach the desired goal of your site (Haraj) or any site or a Haraj or any commercial site in general or the site of classified ads We have a precedent of God willing make us the forefront of companies that design commercial sites and design Haraj in particular, ie, the field of currency (real estate Haraj  of birds, cattle Haraj, haraj of sheep, sheep)

And this is some of our business

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Site Haraj Dlala


Haraj fruits


Real estate forestry


Haraj market


Harej site I buy


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Selling and buying


Features and method of dealing with Haraj design

Dealing with the Harej sites we have programmed will be very easy

Here you can see the control panel here

Where you can browse all sections of the haraj through the lists at the top .. These lists were placed at the top of the page for easy access to the user in the

Every page goes to it from the pages of the site
تصميم موقع حراج

With the right-hand portion of the page you can easily search for any product or ad in terms of brand, year of manufacture, city or even a specific word in the ad

You can also use the short way to go to the required advertisement directly by typing the number of the advertisement in case you know him as shown in the following picture

Here is the visual way you can use to display the goods you are looking for. This is by clicking on the icons and images on the right side. This method seems convenient for the user to search for anything he wants without knowing his name. commodity4



The multiplicity of search methods on the page gives the user the possibility to choose the means that he sees appropriate to reach the required commodity

For ads and offers, you will find them in the site of the site’s site site, organized in a neat manner as you notice




As for orders, you will find them directly below the offers



Dealing with offers and orders

When clicking on any of the existing offers

The details page for the ad will appear


Actions that a user can practice on advertising
سكربت حراج

At the bottom of the page you can view the comments on your ad and ratings

Add a comment to the ad through this box

تصميم سكربت حراج


You can browse your private messages and notifications for the latest updates and your favorite list through this list

You can post your ad by clicking the button below

The following fields appear: Fill out the required fields and publish your ad


For the control panel of the Haraj site management

1. Access Control Panel

The login screen appears this way


Enter your username and password, then click on the login button

2. Side menu

After entering the control panel, a side menu will appear that contains all the sections through which the site can be fully controlled

تصميم موقع حراج



From this section you can control the general settings in the site .. such as the name of the site and the description of the site .. Change the email address of the password and password .. Put links to social networking sites so that users can follow the team of the site on any of them
تصميم موقع حراج

تصميم موقع حراج

Through this section you can add users and control the powers of each user and the promotion of any member to the membership Gold or Silver or a manager or supervisor.

When you edit any member that has been created, the following list will appear, which will allow you to edit any data for that member, whether its public data, password, or even member privileges.

تصميم موقع حراج

Through this section you can control the sections displayed in the site

You can add major sections like this image






شركة لوحة تحكم موقع حراج






Here you can view the messages of members in terms of the sender .. and the addressee .. and the content of the message

Archiving the site of the forest and its appearance in the first pages of search engines

Explain the characteristics and advantages of the application of the Haraj site

For Android Phones

1 – About the application

The application of Haraj contains all the forest goods, car and real estate and forest equipment and animals, selling and buying offers and discounts for all cities of the Kingdom.

2. Download and install the application

To download a widget, go to the Google Play Store, which has the following icon:

Google play

Then we write in the com.elryad search box

To show you all of our apps, including Haraj:
See also


You can write a Haraj directly in the search box showing you several applications of the same name:

You can write a Haraj directly in the search box showing you several applications of the same name:
haraj icon

3 – dealing with the application
After you load and install the app in the usual way, you’ll see the app’s opening screen with a Haraj logo:

تطبيق الحراج اندرويد

وبعدها سيتم تحويلك الي شاشة التحميل والتي تقوم بتهيئة التطبيق بشكل كامل وتحميل الشاشات التالية لعرض آخر العروض والسلع المعروضة للبيع :


تطبيق موقع حراج المطور

main screen

Once the application interface is loaded, the main screen containing the latest items will appear in all sections and specializations:

برمجة تطبيق حراج

You’ll find several icons on the top of the screen:

1. Logon icon

2. Registration icon

3. Side menu icon

For the login screen

When you click on the icon you will see the following screen where you can log on as a user:


For the recording screen

When you click on the icon you will be directed to the site of the application of the forest so you can register a new account:

For the side menu

When you click on it you will see a list of all the disciplines and topics that can be browsed in the application.

When you return again to the home page, you will find the latest recently added items sorted by date and date, and you will find each item loaded with important details such as the following:

By pressing any item you will be directed to its own screen as shown in the image:

If we want to move to another branch or main section, we use the side menu, as shown:

Car parking

When you click on the car alarm from the side menu you will find a list of all the cars for sale, sorted by date and date:

You’ll notice an icon on the top right of the screen to show a list of car ratings by brand and manufacturer, which helps the user get quick access to what he’s looking for:

Real estate foreclosure

Click on the real estate listing from the side menu We will show all realty properties for sale:

Hardware hardware

(Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, televisions, air conditioners, etc.) for sale:

You’ll see an icon on the top right of the screen to show a list of device classifications by brand and manufacturers, and help filter your search into subcategories for easy access:

Cattle Haraj

It is the section devoted to the sale of livestock and animals (horses – camels – goats – sheep … etc) and for sale:

You will notice an icon at the top right of the screen used to show a sub-menu of livestock labels in a structured way to help the user to reach the desired:

Haraj Services

To share the announcement of the provision of services that individuals and companies can provide:

Prohibited goods and advertisements

In this section, two types of prohibitions are presented:

For prohibited goods, by clicking on them we go to a screen that shows the user details of all the goods that are prohibited from being published and displayed for sale.

For blocked ads, we go to a special screen showing the details of the ads and words that are banned from posting on the site and in the comments:

Treaty of Application of Haraj

In this section, some important points that the user of the application should observe during the application are explained:

Discount system

In this section, you’ll see how much of your sales are advertised, and the discount for your car, truck, and real estate customers only:

Sales commission on the application

This portion of the commission account for each sale and purchase is done through the application.

Example /

If the commodity (X) is sold at the price of (Y), the commission of the application is (Z). Z represents 1% of the transaction cost:

  • An original copy of Haraj
  • Automatic publishing on Twitter
  • Continuous update
  • Possibility to add new features (on request)
  • Excellent and easy control panel in Arabic
  • Compatible with all mobile devices and tablets
  • In-store event alert (user)
  • System messages between members
  • And dozens of other features (see it now)

View Haraj control panel

Ask for service

Service can be requested via the form or contact with sales

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