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55Website Design School

Designing a school site requires experience in this field in terms of the required points in the site

And the basic things needed by the site of the school to be a successful sites, and really intended for the clinic students

We at the Riyadh Foundation have more than 7 years experience in designing a school site that enables us to know all the details that must be provided in the study sites

The schools differ in their positions. Certainly we take into account this difference in design

Some of the features of the basic school site
Ease of management of the school site where it is in Arabic
You can add an infinite number of sections and sub-sections
Includes sections for school and classes.
Multiple features to add an ad, including a center to upload images from the advertiser’s device and add the logo of the site and a toolbox for the work of format texts automatically
The system of sending activation messages when registering any member with the possibility of retrieving the secret code in case of no ticket or loss
· Automatically detect duplicate topics from the drive engine databases
Advanced search properties by type of each article, section or subject matter
System messages between students and alert system when new messages arrive
The system of deleting the responses related to each subject when deleting any topic and related matters
System Hdf topics and responses member when standing directly and everything related to the site
The system includes the site ‘s full site content and in the addition of topics (WSOM)
The system of reporting and responding to adverse responses and advertisements and their owners’ information in the control panel
The system of browsing lessons by date or by importance
The site includes design, hosting, support and protection (full comprehensive) for a school site
Some of our design is in school sites

Elementary School Party Bsebba

Othman Ibn Affan National Schools

Islamic Education School

Cedar schools in Jeddah

Never design a school site from Riyadh Design Company

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☎ 0548215160