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Website Electronic Stores

Website design is a site that corrects the owners of products and services design of their own website and manage their advertisements and products with ease and with a simple and easy control panel with all the possible features, each store is determined properties and the number of ads allowed to fit the monthly plan involved, The site determines the characteristics of each subscription and its monthly price. The site allows adding unlimited number of stores and provides each store with a special link, and there are many features such as control of the interface of the site and management simply simple and control in the shops and ads members and packages of membership and Other features that will surprise you when you get this blog are the website of electronic shops

Some examples of our

موقع اعلاناتكم
  • Possibility of adding sub stores
  • Each store has a special link
  • Ability to add unlimited number of products
  • Monthly Packages
  • Member follow-up system
  • Product evaluation and admiration system
  • Compatible with all browsers

What you will get with the store scripts

Technical Support Specification

  • We can modify the software according to your vision
  • Continuous update of the recipes
  • You will receive technical support 24/7 on the script
  • Excellent control panel in Arabic
  • Technical support to help you manage the site

Design with the following specifications:


  • Fashionable design for the site
  • Logo design for the site
  • Designed to showcase stores and other products
  • View more best selling products
  • Design is compatible with all devices and mobiles
  • Design compatible with global standards
  • Experts have been in hand for more than 10 years

Hosting with the following specifications:

  • 10 GB space
  • Bandwidth 250 GB
  • Unlimited number of official emails
  • Strong site protection
  • Daily, weekly, monthly backup
  •  24/7 Technical support for the extension
  • 99.9% site downtime guarantee

Quickly display the features of the control panel

We have the pleasure to offer you a website dashboard and features quickly

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In Riyadh for web design, we know that the quality of web design, and we dealt with every client as a member of the family, this methodology has created many new friends for us, and many clients who are proud of them, their success is our success



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