Payment methods

You can choose the payment method that suits you and then continue with sales through the following form or mobile, and do not forget that we have The possibility of returning the amount in less than 72 Q in case you have declined in the service request, and we hope not to deal only with these accounts only

  • Al Rajhi Bank
  • Location: Saudi Arabia
  • Account number: 558608010140610
  • Iban: SA1880000558608010140610
  • Name: Mahmoud Ahmed Ahmed Justice
  • Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
  • Location: United Arab Emirates
  • Account number: ae-71-050-0000000015422181
  • Name: Mohamed Ibrahim El Sayed Naqib 

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In Riyadh for web design, we know that the quality of web design, and we dealt with every client as a member of the family, this methodology has created many new friends for us, and many clients who are proud of them, their success is our success



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