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Google Ads

Google google ads

Google google ads are smelling the smell of looking for you and appearing to you at any time and any place where you (city or state). When you write any word related to your field of work or the domain of the advertised site will appear immediately and in the first search results, as if you smell the smell of someone who needs your service or your product or declare anyone to enter your site and begin to communicate with you or contact immediately through the phone number in the form of advertising .
We have started a Google advertising campaign starting from 2005, more than ten years ago. Thank God we have succeeded in acquiring a huge number of customers and companies that announced the Google and got Additional profits, but became the main profits for them and can now dispense with advertising campaigns Google in any form.

Because simply any person now needs any product or any commodity to search for them through the Internet and through google google If he wanted to buy a search car on the Internet wanted to transfer furniture search home on the Internet and in Google, especially if you want to buy honey Sidr search on the Internet and so you show It has the first results in a clear way to enter your site and begin to contact and be potential customers and be an actual customer if you provide a suitable product or service at an appropriate price in a timely manner

Steps to Start an Ad Campaign on Google Adwords (Google)

The format of Google’s paid ad campaigns “What the researchers will see” or what will result from Google research
Choose the right and effective words for your ad campaign on Google Adwords
Insert and select negative words (unwanted words or do not need your ad to appear when you search these words)
Your daily budget and total budget (the amount you want to spend on your campaign or ad per day) must be determined
Select the country where the ad appears (you can determine where your ad appears to avoid any non-refundable costs for the campaign
How to Start an Ad Campaign on Google Paid (Google)

Write your ad text on Google “which will appear to the searchers”
Choose the country where the ad appears.
Determine your daily and college advertising campaign budget
Write the research words you are looking for
Showing them free search results and paid search results “we’re talking about”
Paid ads appear in distinctive places in the early Google search results
And thus draws the attention of researchers because the announcement appears in the first search results
The number of times your ad is shown will not pay for it. But when you enter any of the researchers on the ad will be calculated a click on the site and deduct only the price of the click of your balance on Google

اعلانات Google

Keywords are what people search for on Google.

Choose the right and effective words for your advertising campaign on Google (Google)
Identify research words:
This is one of the most difficult things that are the focus of your ad on Google paid
Where it determines what quality it enters on your ad

How can you choose the right words to catch the Internet? First, you have to fill in the role of the customer looking for your services. Put yourself in the Internet, and imagine that he wants companies that offer your products or services.

Suppose you are a tourism company that provides tourist services for Arabs to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or Riyadh or Makkah .. etc. What words will be written by the Gulf who is thinking about visiting Egypt?
I think it will be as follows:
– A tourist trip to Saudi Arabia
Saudi Travel Company
– Flights Mecca or Saudi Arabia or Riyadh, etc.

So simply … we will take these words to be the research words that we link to our campaign on Google paid. When someone searches Google for a word from these words, your ad will appear.

Google Ads Management

Your ad appears next to relevant search results.

Insert and select negative words
What are negative words?

Negative words are the destructive words that you put in your ad and you do not know .. and find them lose money and visits to your site, but will not Tfidk and visitor will not buy from you.
First you have to define your goals and what you want from this campaign
Google allows you to appear on search engines all over the world for any country
Depending on your company’s capabilities, you must determine where you want to appear.
Are you looking for supply to foreign countries? Or supply your services locally?
If you are a restaurant, shop or company that does not export and only serves the country you are
What is the benefit of the work of a declaration appearing in America or Europe, paid by a lot and will not benefit from your appearance on their engines something!

If you are a tourism company, for example, you bring tourists from Europe to Saudi Arabia
What is the benefit of your ad appearing in Saudi Arabia? You want Europeans to see your ad and not the Saudis!

If you set your priorities – local impressions in your country – Saudi Arabia etc.
Or is it a sample country that is the target audience for your campaign?

Country selection:
Your paid Google account will enable you to select the countries and even the provinces where you want your ad to appear
Type or select country names from the Google Earth map on the same page
Then, save the data.

My advice is to choose one country or group of countries and link them to each campaign. For example, make a campaign for the Gulf states “their needs and methods of research and standard of living almost one” and thus can be merged into a single campaign. For example, some European countries speak a single language.

The daily budget of the ad campaign and the overall budget of the ad campaign

When you activate your account we have to put an initial amount in your account can start, for example, $ 100 “will be withdrawn from your visa” and you can Google to set a daily budget of $ 100 dollars, for example, specify that this campaign ten dollars a day.

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