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We have been commissioned to design a training jumping training site

Design a training site for the jumps training center

1- Design a training site compatible with all browsers such as laptops, iPhones and all smart devices.

2- A research panel located in the front of the site to search for any of the courses available within the databases.

3 – The latest courses available at the center that attract visitors to the bottom of the page to see more courses.

4- The space allocated to each course and taking into consideration that the dimensions of the eye dimensions so that the visitor can read the name and understand the image without trouble or hardship in clarity.

5- The space allocated for the news and the title, as well as part of the news to attract the visitor to enter the follow-up to the news in all its details.

6 – Site without suffering in the download and to choose the images of high quality and at the same time does not affect the size of files.

7 – Technical support for the site continuously and permanently in the event of any problem or need to inquire or clarification

8 – databases with high protection and super speed in the storage and retrieval of data at any time.

  • A search panel in the front of the site.
  • A bar to sign in to the top members of the site.
  • Control panel for the parts of the site.
  • Slider news and courses.
  • Fully secured and non-final databases.

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