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We have commissioned the design of the exhibition site now, the best free service to sell and buy cars

Online exhibitions now, the best free service to sell and buy cars

1 – Banner advertising in the front of the top of the site of the best spaces that have been allocated to ads in the site and because of the great suit with the general shape, which helps to attract the attention of visitors to that area.

2 – Add a declaration in all regions of the Kingdom.

3- Two types of membership (membership of free individuals, membership of paid companies).

4 – The site is visited in both languages ​​(Arabic and English), which facilitates the process of browsing and understanding content

5 – the appropriate presence of the area of ​​the control panel members and increase the attraction of visitors to register on the site.

6 – wonderful integration located in the main site where all pages are located and all the requirements of visitors and members to access quickly what they want.

7- The member can add his announcements, details, pictures, and communication methods via mobile or site messages.

8 – The site works 24 hours without interruption in service and also works easily in browsing and super speed.

9. Add, modify and delete the advertisement by members.

10. Review and delete the personal declarations of the member.

11 – Image stamping system for advertisements (not to tamper with ads for members).

12 – PROFILE PROFILE PROFILE PROFESSIONAL PROFILE View and reply to messages and send a new message to a specific member.

  • An integrated website in Arabic
  • Responds .. Compatible with smart phone browsers
  • Control Panel
  • Slider
  • Photo Gallery
  • Integrated sections

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