Design of an electronic newspaper website in Riyadh

We were commissioned to design an electronic newspaper website in Riyadh

Design of an electronic newspaper website in Riyadh

1 – databases that can accommodate an infinite number of data and news member data.

2 – design wonderful news beyond description which attracts visitors where the areas of the videos correspond to newspaper articles, etc.

3 – more than Slider to attract visitors to travel more in the news and spend more time on the newspaper.

4 – The quality of the images increase the attention of visitors and attract their attention to browse the news more.

5 – The newspaper operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without a stop, and this is due to the strength of servers Riyadh Company

6 – Technical support for the site continuously and permanently in the event of any problem or need to inquire or clarification

7 – Registration plate to send news members and visitors always near the sites of events and continuous follow-up of what is going on next to each individual and the ease of delivery of news to the newspaper and deal

with her .

  • An integrated website in Arabic
  • Responds .. Compatible with smart phone browsers
  • Control Panel
  • Slider
  • Products Gallery
  • Photo Gallery
  • Integrated sections

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