Design newspaper

Design newspaper

Design of the Arab renewal newspaper

The newspaper is considered one of the most important electronic newspapers in the Kingdom for covering a large number of exclusive news and we have the honor of designing the newspaper with valuable news added by the daily management of the newspaper.
The areas of exclusive news, as well as the areas of advertisements, are very distinctive spaces in the space and appreciation because they are also now consistent with the overall suitability of the bouquet and of course, fit with the logo of the newspaper.
The mailing list of the newspaper is one of the most important features of the newspaper, which added to it a high aesthetic touch Zouk for the importance of each visitor, making him follow the newspaper and all the news added directly.
The space of the video, which is added to the exclusive videos paid by the visitor to watch, which increases the follow-up visitors to each video is seen and already can be changed this space ad space for the announcement of flash, which attracts the attention of the visitor.
The area of ​​the main news, which makes the front of the site and attract the attention of the visitor is very large and of course effective in reading the news from the visitor and without the reader to feel all the details of the story and of course moving within the pages and the design department to coordinate the pages so as not to dull the visitor of different colors.
The word renewal, columns and spaces are both very special areas of the news site because they are exclusive news that attracts the attention of the visitor in a wonderful way he reads the news without feeling.
The main menu of the site and its complementarity complement all the elements of beauty in the design in general and the wonderful Arabic line used in the design in general, which adds an aesthetic touch throughout the site does not excite the visitor from reading the whole site.
Design newspaper

تصميم صحيفة

  1. 1. Site interface and consistency of news space.
    2. The area of the side menu.
    3. The area of research at the top of the site.
    4. The area of ads within the site.
    5. The notice of the newspaper because of its special excellence and a wonderful addition to the general shape of the site.
    6. The weather area and the task for each news follower in the Arab world.

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