Newspaper Newspaper

Newspaper Newspaper

Newspaper Newspaper

Comprehensive electronic newspaper for all social news in Saudi Arabia.
Consistency and availability of advertising space within the newspaper, which increases the confidence of advertisers on the site.
The area of ​​the video that fits very much with the general shape of the site, which does not affect the visitor bored of the follow-up news and at the same time attracts his eyes and that the space was exploited in a very distinctive Vtm put a special ad space below.
The area allocated to the advertisement in the front of the newspaper, which was chosen in a way that exceeds all the standards of excellence and creativity, whether in the consistency of the colors of advertising with the main color of the site as well as the consistency of colors very significantly with the color of the newspaper logo.
Defining day and temperature This is another skill to attract visitors to the space allocated to ads as well as logos.
In a very creative way, the advertising space is repeated in places that attract the visitor very much, which helps to attract the attention of visitors and the confidence of advertisers.
The endless quality of photos and videos that help the visitor to enjoy his time watching videos or browsing the site enjoy the quality and purity of the image.
Community News aims to communicate an idea The team of the newspaper is characterized by the selection of important news that addresses the most important to attract visitors to enter it and thus enjoy a wonderful time to browse all the news.
A special page for the videos that suits all the minds of the narrator who understands the meaning of thought progress to all that is raised in the mind and stimulates the work of social excellence.
Set a temperature-specific area in different cities, drawing the visitor’s attention to the temperature of his city.


Newspaper Newspaper

  • Time and date bar as well as temperature.
  • Different advertising spaces in different places on the home page, increasing the chances of profit.
  • Contact us page which makes it a technological touch that attracts more visitors.
  • Design a map of the site and put it down the site to facilitate access to any page.

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