The Saudi Society for Special Education

The Saudi Society for Special Education

Saudi Society for Special Education

We were commissioned to design a website for the Saudi Society for Special Education

The Saudi Society for Special Education


  1. The site of the Saudi Association for Special Education is one of the best sites that we have implemented for the ease of the content of the association and is highly suited to the search engine Google.
    The main menu is unique in its suitability to the site and is very harmonious in its color and has icons for the main pages of the site.
    The news channel which passes through the top of the site and the most important news of the Assembly, making it easier for visitors to hear the Assembly better and without any effort.
    The entry and registration pages of the site, which add to the site an attraction for visitors to register and store the data of registered members in databases secured by a large and almost impossible to penetrate.
    The site is in both Arabic and English, which greatly improves the archiving of the search engines and the ease of browsing in different countries, in addition to the aesthetic touch in the place where the language becomes.
    The page of the members of the Board of Directors and the design of the wonderful and up to the simplest things are the colors of the lines size, which helps to the convenience of the eye and not dull the visitor to follow up or read the content of the page and finally get visitors attracted to the wonderful design easy simplified.
    Sidebar or side menu which helps to understand the content of the site and includes the most important elements of the site or elements of the most important and necessary, which we strive to achieve that we provide effort to visitors or members to access all the contents of the site without Chit.
    The location of the social networking sites and its presence to the left of the site next to a search engine thumbnail of the site, which is this place, which is very impressive easy to visit the visitor to search all social networking sites in a very distinctive and clear.
    The mailing list, which is one of the most important elements of communication with visitors and members to access all that is new to their email through the site and in this element there is a professional programming refers to the programmers company
  2. Capture324
  • An integrated website in Arabic and English
  • Responds .. Compatible with smart phone browsers
  • Control Panel
  • Slider
  • Photo Gallery
  • Integrated sections

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