VIP LOUNGE Cars Exhibition Site

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  • Saturday April 9th, 2016
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VIP LOUNGE Cars Exhibition Site

Design of the LOUNGE VIP Cars Exhibition site.

The design of a car show site on the main page of the site is a slider for the latest models of cars in the exhibition
Which is very luxurious and below a brief description of the company
The site is connected directly to all social networking sites to appear in the early search engines.
In the case of standing with the mouse at the top of the site shows you a list of all the pages of the site, including services and contact us and the company and strategy sought by our dear customer.
A special page for the cars presented and also can be categorized types of visitors and can access the page of each type separately.
A strategy page for the Foundation.
The site is in both Arabic and English, making it easy for visitors from foreign search engines to browse the site with ease and without any hindrance.
Adding aesthetic touches to the logo is the average of the highest site to be a beauty and elegance that attracts visitors.
The first interest in the quality of the pictures of the cars offered to attract visitors so as not to distract the efforts of our company and the efforts of your presence in the presentation of everything that is new in the display of exhibits to visitors.

تصميم موقع معرض سيارات

  • An integrated website in Arabic
  • Responsive .. Compatible with smart phone browsers
  • Control Panel
  • Slider
  • Products Gallery
  • Photo Gallery
  • Integrated sections

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