web design for educational academy

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  • 13 January، 2023

web design for educational academy

Web design for Aayd Educational Academy | Interactive educational website

Our latest web design for educational academy is Ayed Academy Website. An educational platform for delivering courses and level assessment tests for participating students. Each course is divided into a set of elements.

The elements of the course include live video meetings between teachers and students or timed tests that the student takes and the teacher grades.

The site also allows the teacher to add attachments to the course such as PDF files or other educational materials.

web design for educational academy
web design for educational academy

Designing Website Pages for the Academy

The web design for educational academy contains a set of main pages that are designed to serve the goals of the website and make it easier and simpler for students and participants to use.

These pages on the web design for educational academy include the homepage of the website, new membership registration pages, login pages, as well as pages displaying courses, exams and gatherings.

In addition to that, additional supplementary pages such as contact us page, latest news, about us and privacy policy pages have been added.

Features of Educational Website Design for Aayd Academy

  • The courses within the web design for educational academy contain many metrics that work to develop the performance of the student, such as tests in every course to ensure that the student reaches the highest level of benefit.
  • Students can view their inquiries through the comments available within the course or communicate directly with the teacher.
  • The website manager can add courses and divide them into specific sections, add course content and all additional information about them.
web design for educational academy
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