YouTube site design

YouTube site design

YouTube site design is an attractive site for any user to follow or add any video on it.

  1. High quality video for all existing videos and high quality thumbnails of each video.
    URLs suitable for site content to appear better in search engines.
    An infinite number of videos that can be added.
    The background is very much proportional to the name of the site and the content of the site.
    The high quality of the existing video does not affect the site navigation better and is not a hindrance in the speed of movement between the videos.
    Place a place to search at the top of the middle of the site for easy visibility and easy access to search for any video that makes the site a mini search engine.
    Split important videos and make their thumbnails of high quality so that it is easy for the visitor to select and access them quickly so as not to be unclear, which drives the visitor to boredom.
    A user control panel for the videos they upload on the site so they can easily follow them.
  2. تصميم موقع اليوتيوب
  • An integrated website in Arabic
  • Responsive .. compatible with smart phone browsers
  • Control Panel
  • Slider
  • Format video lists

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