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During the first few years, the company achieved a gradual transformation from being a local website and mobile application design company to a company with a regional and international extension outside Saudi Arabia that enjoys professionalism, and we strive to provide services that meet the needs of the market by fulfilling the expectations of our customers and providing high-quality websites.

Design exceptional websites

There are many web design companies that rely on ready or traditional ideas and templates and this happens because there is not enough experience. We at Al Riyadh Company are one of the largest companies specialized in designing websites and mobile applications and we always look for exceptional experiences to produce creative and distinctive works and sites and unique designs to the greatest extent you will find our work exceptional and Creative website designers

More than 10 years experience in web design

We realize that designing websites and mobile applications represents the core of your efforts on the Internet. We work with you to design websites that connect you with your commercial goals over the Internet and make you fly away from your competitors - we have a team with high experience in website design, SEO archiving and web hosting to support you around the clock

Vision and future goals

We are always looking to be the best website and mobile application design company in Saudi Arabia and the development of businesses via the Internet to be the best choice for individuals, companies and institutions in Saudi Arabia (Riyadh - Jeddah - Dammam) because we are keen to design quality websites with technical support, hosting and a Saudi domain

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We offer offers and packages at competitive prices for designing exclusive and distinctive sites

You Can Now Design News Site Featured Only With The Riyadh Press Magazine Gorgeous Design Control Panel With All Features :

  • Built Using Html5 و Css 3
  • 404 Page
  • Responsive Design
  • Control Panel
  • Social Media
  • Future Updates
  • Compatible With Modern Browsers
  • (العربية) متوافق مع جميع المتصفحات

Scripts Scripts Commercial Forestry Hua Contains Many Sections Such As Cars, Real Estate, Appliances, Mobile Phones, Animals And Other Department …:

  • Design Like Haraj
  • Constant Updates
  • Responsive Design With Smart Phone
  • Control Distinct Arabic Panel
  • Icons Social Networking Facebook And Twitter
  • Alert Events Inside The Store
  • Compatible With All Browsers

Do You Smell The Idea Of Looking For You And Appearing To Him In Any Time Of Any Place You Specify (City Or State).

  • Choose The Right Words And Effective Your Advertising Campaign On Google
  • he Inclusion Of Negative Words And Selected
  • Daily Budget To Advertise The College And Budget
  • Identify Countries That Show Their Advertisement
  • (العربية) تصميم متوافق مع جميع الاجهزة و الجوالات
  • (العربية) العديد من المميزات الاخرى

Forum And Fashionable Way To Browse And Exchange Of Information And Experiences Among A Group Of Members Atzmon Spirit Of Partnership And Competition.

  • Responsive Design With Smart Phone Browsers
  • Add Sections Endless
  • Installing Plugins
  • Design Is Ultra-Professional Theme
  • Special Design Forum Logo
  • Banners Advertising Design
  • 24/7 Technical Support Continuous

The World Is Now In Rapid Development, And Has Become A Surfing Websites And Mobile Apps And Use 70% Of The Total Browsing In General, So I Started A Company In Riyadh Mobile Applications To Keep Up With The Technological Revolution In The World

  • Mobile Business Applications
  • Electronic Applications Newspapers
  • Islamic Forum
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Free Services Applications
  • (العربية) تصميم بنرات اعلانية
  • (العربية) دعم فني متواصل على مدار الساعه


تصميم تطبيقات الجوال شيء مهم حيث ان العالم الان في تطور سريع , و اصبح تصفح المواقع و تطبيقات الجوال و استخدامها يمثل 70%

من اجمالي التصفح بشكل عام , لذلك بدات شركة الرياض في تصميم تطبيقات الجوال لمواكبة الثورة التكنولوجية في العالم :

  • (العربية) تطبيقات الجوال التجارية
  • (العربية) تطبيقات صحف الكترونية
  • (العربية) تطبيقات اسلامية
  • (العربية) تطبيقات الشركات
  • (العربية) تطبيقات خدمات مجانية


تصميم موقع مدرسة يعمل على تسهيل عملية التواصل مع المدرسة , و المدرسين و ادارة المدرسة بشكل سهل و بسيط ,

حيث نقوم بتصميم مواقع المدارس بتقنيات حديثة و تكلفة اقتصادية :

  • (العربية) يدعم إضافة أقسام رئيسية و فرعية بعدد لا نهائى
  • (العربية) يدعم بوابات الدفع الاكتروني مثل الباي بال و غيرها
  • (العربية) يدعم إرسال رسائل SMS
  • (العربية) يدعم نظام مراسلات داخلي مع امكانية ارفاق ملفات
  • (العربية) يدعم التحكم التام من قبل الادارة في كل المسجلين
  • (العربية) يدعم نشر الاعلانات الخاصة بالاداريين و المعلمين و التلاميذ
  • (العربية) يدعم نشر احدث الفعاليات و النشاطات المدرسية
  • (العربية) انشاء تطبيقات للهواتف الذكية لتسهيل و تقريب الخدمات المدرسية من المعلمين و الطلبة و اولياء الامور

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In addition to website design, we also offer some additional services such as website design, website protection, and archiving

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In Riyadh for web design, we know that the quality of web design, and we dealt with every client as a member of the family, this methodology has created many new friends for us, and many clients who are proud of them, their success is our success



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